Scuba diving in Dubai is great. Some of the best diving is to be had just around the corner, in the calmer waters of the Gulf of Oman.


Scuba Diving Dubai

Scuba Diving Dubai

If you head East from Dubai, across the peninsula you arrive at the Al Fujairah region which is home of truly awesome scuba diving and snorkelling.

There are many wrecks to dive and an abundance of fish can be found as the reef begins to develop on the wrecks. You will see Barracuda. Try to get there earlier in the day for the best views.

A re-breather is always the best way not to frighten the fish. The good visability is worth the drive out from Dubai.

Closer to Dubai the water tends to be a bit muddier due to dredging and all the construction work, sand spraying etc.

Scuba Diving Dubai Al Fujairah Map
Scuba Diving Dubai Al Fujairah Map

Best Dive Sites

Anemone Gardens
Car Cemetry
Coral Gardens
Deep Reef
Dibba Island
Hole In The Wall
Inchcape 1
Inchcape 2
Martini Rock
Mubah Reef
Ras Qidfa
Refinery Reef
Shark Island
Sharm Rocks
Snoopy Island




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