Mixing Bowl Little Cayman

Scuba Diving in The Mixing Bowl

The ‘wall‘ which makes Little Cayman so famous is the side of the underwater column on which the island stands. There is a vertical drop around all sides of Little Cayman. You suddenly go from thirty feet to six thousand – and at the Mixing Bowl it starts within twenty feet of the water’s surface, making the area a superb dive-site if you are into wall diving and enjoy seeing coral and huge varieties of colourful fish. 

Little Cayman map

Little Cayman map

Mixing Bowl or 3 Fathom Wall, joins the dive sites of Jackson Bight with those of Bloody Bay. The site has some of the largest schools of fish and the most beautiful reef structure seen in the underwater world.
The large crevice in the middle of Mixing Bowl is the mark separating Bloody Bay from Jackson’s Bight.

Jackson’s Bight is another exciting dive site with many tunnel systems and crevices to discover in the area, both on the shallow reefs and out over the wall.

Eagle Rays and Sting Rays are plentiful in the Sand Flats of numerous sites of Jackson’s Bight while in Bloody Bay it is not uncommon to see lobsters  and turtles cruising past.

Other popular sites off Little Cayman are Mixing Bowl, Eagle Ray Roundup, The Chimneys, Marilyn’s Cut, Hole in the Wall, Nancy’s Cup of Tea, East and West Chute, and Cumber’s Caves to name but a few.

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