Cayman Brac Diving

Cayman Brac lies 80 miles from Grand Cayman, the main island, and 20 miles from Little Cayman. Often referred to as “the Brac”, it get its name from its rocky formation called the “Bluff” which runs across the center of this long narrow island. Cayman Brac has retained its friendly and safe island charm. It is a great diving destination with interesting above-water outdoor activities, such as hiking and rock climbing as well as great shore and boat diving. One of the highlights underwater is the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, a 330 feet Russian frigate, which was deliberately sunk in September 1996 to provide a spectacular underwater diving attraction. The MV Tibbetts was originally purchased from Cuba and then sunk just off the West tip of the coast of Cayman Brac, on the North side. This wreck can be accessed either by boat or by shore. The wreck now lies in two broken pieces. The bow section lists heavily to the portside and the stern section is sitting upright.

Cayman Brac Map

Dive sites including Greenhouse Reef or Radar reef are shallow reef dives (20-60 ft) and display spectacular coral rising to within feet of the surface. Wall dives start quite deep on the island (about 70-100 ft) and provide quite a different dive experience. In addition to stunning corals and sponges divers can expect to see a variety of marine creatures ranging from squid, turtles, lobsters and rays (of many shapes and sizes) to occasional sharks and dolphins. Non-divers can easily share the experience as the water is so clear that the sea bed can be visualised at a depth of 150 ft.
Cayman Brac Cave

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