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USS Oriskany Pensacola

Friday 25 May 2007 @ 2:04 am

Named after the Battle of Oriskany in the American War of Independance, August 1777, Oriskany sailed out of New York harbour on 6ht december 1950.

She saw action in Korea, Vietnam
Oriskany was used for making the film The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954),

Oriskany was decommissioned 30 September 1976 and laid up for long-term storage in Bremerton, Washington. At the end of the Cold War and the subsequent reduction of the U.S. Navy’s active force, Oriskany was recognized as being obsolete and was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in 1989.

The Navy announced 5 April 2004 that it would transfer the former aircraft carrier to the State of Florida for use as an artificial reef for recreational purposes. In September 2003, the Navy awarded a contract to Resolve Marine Group / ESCO Marine Joint Venture for the environmental remediation work necessary for sinking the ship as an artificial reef.

The flight deck of Oriskany currently lies at a depth of 130 feet (40 m), and its carrier island rises to 70 feet (21 m). The island structure is accessible to recreational divers, however, the flight deck is beyond recreational diving range.

Displacement: As built:
30,800 tons

USS Oriskany Pensacola